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Heating & Cooling Systems


Your furnace system controls the temperature and moves air throughout your home to keep it comfortable while also filtering out dust and allergens.


A yearly preventative maintenance inspection by a qualified service technician can keep your HVAC functioning at peak efficiency by identifying problems from thermal stress, movement, or dust. Common problems can be:

• Duct work loosened due to normal thermal expansion and contraction

• Blower motor bearings in need of lubrication;

• Replacing the air filter and cleaning of dust from blower fan blades and AC condensing coil.

An inspection can also find and repair less than obvious problems like:

• Loose blower belt
• Improperly firing burners
• Blocked condensate drain
• Loose wiring harnesses
• Slowly leaking coolant from the AC system

The best way to keep your furnace efficient and reliable is to have it inspected before you really need it. 


Fireplace and chimney systems may be unsafe because of poor construction or installation, building settlement, improper usage or poor maintenance.


Many safety related items are not visible. We offer a basic visual inspection such as for insurance or pre-purchase of a home equipped with a wood burning appliance or (gas) fireplace.


A basic visual inspection is a general overview of the readily accessible parts to determine if the system meets current regulations. 


In any case, fireplace and chimney systems should be inspected and cleaned at least annually.


A thorough air conditioning inspection will help make sure your unit is operating at peak efficiency.


Even little things like a partially clogged indoor or outdoor coil, an improper refrigerant level or a dirty air filter will cause your unit to work harder and use more energy than it needs to.

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