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Roof, Attic & Chimney


The primary function of a roof is to protect the building from sun, rain, snow, wind, hail and fire.


It supports equipment and affects architectural appeal.


At York Region Home Inspections, the goal of roof inspection is to identify and examine the roof material, determine whether it is installed up to the standards


Determine if it is performing properly or is leaking, and as well if it is approaching the end of its life.

Common Problems we find on roof systems include


: old, damaged, patched, missing shingles, exposed fasteners, poor installation, vulnerable areas, ice dam potential, multiple layers of the covering, leaks, blisters, loss of granular material, manufacturing defects, patching (previous repairs), etc.



Roof framing (Attics) is an assembly of wood or steel components.


The roof framing ties the building together, adding rigidity and providing the surface for the roof covering.


The roof framing also supports the ceiling finishes below.


The attic inspecting is aimed at detecting: overspanned/rafter spread, rot/insect damage, fastening and bracing failures, rust, mold, etc. We also check the condition of attic floor insulation.


Chimney inspection can help detect water damage, freeze/thaw, the gap in the liner,


missing or cracked chimney cap – masonry/metal, debris, draft problems, bracing problems.

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